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re: Have you seen Rift??

This game is definately worth a look. Quite a few of us have been beta testing and the response has been very positive!

Being that the game is beta, there are still some balance issues but for the most part it is amazingly close. I encourage everyone to watch the teaser video below and head over to for more info.

PvP vs. PvE


The PvP requires quite a bit more skill than your standard two buttons (I actually use ~14 different ones myself outside of movement buttons) and the pace is a bit more drawn out. With the 1.5 second global cooldown ganking is less likely but fighting definately takes more thought. You can of course avoid PvP in safe areas, but where is the fun in that? Join us on Tearfall to find out!


The PvE content so far has been excellent. With instances that are somewhat dynamic and fully dynamic rift spawning, the environment feels fresh with good ideas taken from all sorts of games including public quests taken from Warhammer which is a nice addition.

You'll find that it does require more skill on the keys overall to be good at your role, yet because the interface is so much like WoW anyone who has spent any time with that interface will find it easy to drive and learn. Players who aren't willing to spend the time to really learn their role will get run over I have feeling which is a nice way to weed out the key spammers.

Check out this video for a teaser:

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